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Email marketing has always been one of the best marketing tactics available, and this hasn’t changed in recent years, despite the rise of social media and other online trends. If you want to start getting more results with your marketing efforts, email remains one of the best ways to do it, especially if you don’t have an enormous budget to spend on other tactics. To learn more about how email can help your business succeed, Read this entire article

What is Email marketing?

Email can be said to be the means in which vendors communicate with their customers. It is not as expensive as regular mail and allows companies to send information on products and services that are available. There are many benefits of using email for promotional purposes, including an increase in customer satisfaction, an improvement of brand perception, increased conversion rates and higher sales.

Types Of Email Campaigns

1. Welcome emails;

CampaignMonitor reports that numerous recent studies have revealed that welcome emails typically have a 34% read rate.

Sending welcome emails to new subscribers can entice them to interact with your offerings.

How do I maximize?

After the user has completed the sign-up process, send your welcome email right away.

It should be instructive, understandable, and practical.

Optimize email subject lines and content Keep communications succinct and to the point

Use pertinent CTAs.

2. Newsletter:

The most popular kind of emails used in email marketing are newsletters. As their name suggests, they frequently provide news and updates in an effort to keep viewers interested. They are also made to gently nudge users in the direction of conversion.

3. Promotional emails:

According to convince and convert, 68% of Millennials have confirmed that Promotional Emails have influenced their purchase decisions.

These emails drive revenue by sending special offers

Its objective is to make a conversion

How to Optimize?

Ensure to personalize your campaigns

Engage your customers by including limited time offers

Send offer emails on holidays for high engagement rate

4. Abandonment cart emails:

Abandonment emails are shared with clients who have kept products on their cart but did not complete the checkout process

It is an effective way to improve sales

How to Optimize?

Use a simple abandoned cart email template

Personalize your abandoned-cart recovery emails

Adding a product image in your email remainder can result in high click-through rate

Send a series of email reminders to your clients.

5. Re-engagement campaign:

It is a practice of sending series of emails to inactive email subscribers

It leads to high user engagement rate and maintains a high IPR (Inbox Placement Ratio)

How to Optimize?

Opt for gamification to win back inactive subscribers

Prefer subject lines like “We have been waiting for your response” or “We have got a special offer for you.”

Conduct a poll or quiz to re-engage with your subscribers

6. Sponsorship Emails:

These emails let you advertise your copy in another vendor’s newsletter

In simple terms, it is a way to reach a different audience and gain new leads through display ads via emails

How to Optimize?

Choose the right promotional partner

Use only one primary CTA whereas offering multiple deals to the audience can be confusing

Always clearly define your objectives

Leverage social media platforms in order to maximize the reach of your campaign


Why Email Marketing is Important

email marketing

Importance of email marketing ? With so many other ways to reach out to your customer, why is email marketing still so important? There are four reasons:

  • 1) Easy To Reach – Most people have an inbox with their email address on it and they check them every day.
  • 2) High ROI – It’s easy to measure ROI with how many emails you sent and how much revenue you made from that sale.
  • 3) Trackable Data – You can track how many people opened the emails and clicked through to what you were selling.
  • 4) The Value of Your List – One mistake marketers make is getting started too big.
  • They think everyone in my industry should be interested in this or everybody needs this. But what happens when you send a promotional email to someone who doesn’t need what you’re offering?
  • What if they unsubscribe because they don’t want your products or services? The value of your list decreases, and now instead of sending one message at a time, you’re only going to be able to send three.

Tips on creating content your subscribers will love

creating content your subscribers will love is a piece of cake with these 3 easy steps..

1 Communicate Clearly;

Relationships rely on communication. Make sure that both desktop and mobile devices can easily read the email you are sending. With bold headlines and wide typeface, draw attention to the important areas. Then, edit your content to make it easier for recipients to rapidly skim your email for information they might find interesting.

Additionally, make sure to check your emails for mistakes and make sure all the links are functional before sending. You don’t want a spelling error to dilute your brand identity or muddle your message.

2 Show Them You Care;

It’s time to demonstrate your concern for your subscribers now that you have a better understanding of them. People yearn for unique experiences. Personalizing emails might give recipients the impression that you know them and are interested in their preferences.

To begin the email with their first name or to include content that is “recommended for you,” think about include a mail merge variable. Show them stuff that has been specially selected for their type of interests using Critical Impact’s dynamic content tool.

Additionally, you can provide your members with exclusive offers or exclusive content. This might be a useful tool to expand your subscriber base or win over more devoted clients.

3 Dress for Success;

An email with a stunning design will be noticed in the inbox. Emails with lovely photos and a clean layout will appear more elegant and professional.

It could be time to update your design if you’ve been using the same template for a while. The drag and drop templates from Critical Impact provide you a fantastic place to start with modern layouts and designs. Just make sure your new look stays loyal to your brand so readers will know who you are.

If you use these suggestions to produce original and captivating content, your subscribers might start to like your emails.

Tips on making the most of A/B tests

A/B testing is a popular way of figuring out what works best for your email campaign. Essentially, you send two different versions of the same message to two groups and see which one performs better.

You can do this with any type of message, be it promotional or transactional. It’s important to note that A/B testing doesn’t work well if you’re sending out so many messages in such a short period of time that the recipients are going to end up getting more than one version at the same time.

For example, if you’ve sent four emails over the past three days, recipients will get them all in their inbox on the fourth day. In this case, it might not matter much what version of an email you send out because both will have already been received by the recipient.

Tips on improving conversion rates

email marketing
1 Tell a story;

Storytelling is an effective way to get readers invested in what you’re saying and make them feel like they’re taking part in the conversation. It’s also a powerful marketing technique because well-written narratives resonate with readers.

2 Use a strong call to action;

An email can contain a few different types of calls to action. Maybe you want readers to click a link to a converting landing page, or maybe you actually want them to reply to the email. Regardless, you need to make it easy for people to follow up with you.

3 Make them mobile-friendly;

53% of emails are opened on a mobile device. Use an email client that is mobile-friendly, and you won’t have to worry about missing out on valuable conversions.

4 Consider subject lines and open rates;

If no one opens your emails, how are you supposed to make money from them? Your subject line is the gateway to higher conversions through your emails. If you’ve tried email marketing in the past with little or no results, it is definitely worth revisiting with a different strategy.

Tips on writing subject lines

Here are some tips to optimize your subject lines and emails to increase ROI.

  • 1 Your subject line is one of the most important factors in getting people to open and click on your emails. It is also one of the first things they will see before opening an email, so it should make a great impression.
  • 2 You want to make it as easy as possible for people to understand what you’re offering with a simple sentence or two that gets right to the point without being too wordy or boring.
  • 3 Keep in mind what words best describe your company or product to create something unique that stands out from other emails.
  • 4 Lastly, be sure to include specific details about what people will get when they click through (if this is a promotion) or what you offer (if this is an informational email).
  • 5 The more detailed your content, the more likely it will be interesting enough to catch someone’s attention and have them read more.

Email Service Provider (ESP)

Users are able to send email campaigns to a list of subscribers using an email service provider (ESP).

Technology firms known as email service providers help consumers create email groups and send emails more easily. More email service providers have emerged to offer unique services as email marketing has grown in popularity as a marketing channel.

An ESP must, at the most fundamental level, both store and deliver email addresses.

A more sophisticated email service provider provides extra functionality, such as:

dynamic email content

Automated email and marketing

Lead generation forms

Email content and subject lines A/B tested as well as complete automations

monitoring websites to get additional data about visitors

Using segmentation based on subscriber interests

What are the various email service providers?

email marketing
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Hubspot
  • Mailchimp
  • Klaviyo
  • ConvertKit
  • Campaign Monitor


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