Payroll Software For Small Business Free 60 Days Trial

Best payroll for small business

Payroll Software For Small Business Free 60 Days Trial

Today we will be unveiling to you the best affordable payroll software that will help you administer payroll tasks with total control, without you having to waste time or pay expensively;

also you are in luck because today you will have the privilege to use the payroll software for 60 days on a free trial is that not awesome.

Before we start, you should know that payroll management is an important aspect of your business that must be taken very seriously.

Whether you’re running your Scarp or an entire HR department, you need the best payroll software that addresses your unique challenges and enhances the efficiency of your business.

That is the reason why we want to unveil to you the best affordable payroll software that will be suitable for your business with great features to handle payroll tasks effectively

Like timely payment to your employees and filing, remitting of payroll taxes accurately to the IRS without delay or error.

Best Affordable Payroll Software For Small Businesses

Patriot Payroll:

Affordable Payroll Software For Small Businesses

Patriot Payroll from Patriot Software is an integrated human resource (HR) and payroll management solution that helps to streamline the different processes associated with managing payroll payments and tax submissions.

The solution offers tools to maintain payroll records, print checks, establish direct deposits into bank accounts, generate payroll reports and submit state and federal taxes.

Patriot Payroll offers the ability to issue payrolls through direct bank deposits and electronic cheques.

The software offers personalized portals for employees to access their payroll and related financial information.

The application’s reporting functionality helps employees generate their year-end reports and print W2 forms for tax reporting.

While Patriot Payroll is an independent payroll offering, the solution can also integrate with other Patriot Software solutions, such as Patriot TIME (time and attendance) and Patriot HR (personnel tracking) to provide a full-fledged Human Resource Management (HRM) suite.

Patriot Payroll is designed for small businesses and serves small business customers across various industries such as distribution, retail, engineering, maintenance/field service, and more.

Payroll Software For Small Business Free : Patriot features

Patriot Support:

The vendor provides ready good support and we can vouch for it in our experience. While Patriot Software tends to bundle support as a general thing, we categorized its customer service in two measurable metrics so we could put a number on it.

The first is knowledge base support, You get quick assistance via easy-to-understand video tutorials and a knowledge base during setup.

The support materials are intuitive, the vendor having thought of possible use case issues beforehand. In most cases, you’ll walk through the setup in a breeze because of these helpful resources.

The second is initial live support. The vendor is at hand to walk you through during and after the setup, should that be necessary.

These include obtaining state unemployment rate, and federal, state, and local tax identification numbers. As part of the setup, your company, account, payroll, and tax settings will be put for you, as well as deductions and contributions.

If doing payroll is as much of an alien landscape to you as the surface of Mars, your best recourse is to request help from the vendor and their payroll experts should be on your case in no time.

While it’s understandable that you’d want to be good in this task to avoid incurring another cost to what could be a fledgling startup, you also do not want tax agents knocking on your door for costly errors in your computations.

This is especially true once you come face-to-face with multiple tax agencies and varying deductions.

Reaching out to Patriot Software should not be a problem: you have the option to contact the vendor via email, chat support, and a free phone.

Their support persons are some of the best agents around too, which means no long waiting hours before you get the help that you need.

Patriot payroll pricing:

Initially, patriot offers its customers the first 30 days of a free trial
After which the billing commences

However, patriot has two main packages.

1. basic package

This package costs $10 plus $4 per employee every month.
And with this package, you will have to file out the taxes by yourself

2. full service

This package cost $30 plus $4 per employee every month
Patriot will take care of filling out your taxes

You also pay for their HR ad which is $6 per month and $2 per employee
The HR add-on simply allows you to store and manage employee documents online and report
This is optional though

They also have time and attendance add on
This helps to track employee time & attendance, view timesheets, and have employees clock in and out.

Patriot Rating:


Patriot payroll Pros
  • Payroll for small businesses – easy and cheap!
  • Great customer service – easy to access at any time.
  • Decent reports.
  • Basic payroll–as good as anything else out there.
  • Tremendous value–not only is it a capable package but it’s the cheapest I know of.
  • Customer service is exceptional.
  • It is reliable and easy to use and learn for a small business
  • Whenever there are problems, customer service is responsive and communicates well.
  • Patriot pay offers smooth easy setup.
  • Patriot PAY is affordable, especially compared to other companies.
  • Patriot PAY provides a ton of helpful information that is accessible at your finger tips so you don’t always have to call into customer service with questions.
  • Patriot PAY has helpful customer service and they are friendly.
  • Some of the features can be a little difficult to use until you get used to them
  • Changes occur with no or little warning.
  • Doesn’t have the option to print multiple pay stubs for a specific employee at once. Have to re-print each pay stub individually.
  • heir timecard system is a little cumbersome, particularly for paid time off/vacation/holiday.


If you are on a tight budget and need affordable payroll software for small businesses that will give you a top-notch HR service then Patriot is ideal for you.

After reading through the pros and cons of patriot Software Full-Service Payroll, one thing you realize is it combines free online software and actual services in one package.

Not too many vendors offer this package and not only that, you can scale the features. 

Busy entrepreneurs will also like having a cost-efficient choice to do their payroll,  This gives them more time to focus on their business and grow it to a point that, ironically, will require a more sophisticated HR accounting payroll infrastructure.


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